Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Prediction time (for the Big Betting Blog)...

I've recently predicted the final league positions for all teams in the 2011/12 Premier League campaign for the Big Betting Blog. You can see my final prediction by visiting their site here. but as a taster, here's my short summary of where I feel the Arsenal are at, which is also part of their article...

At the time of writing (1st August 2011), my prediction of the Arsenal finishing in fourth actually, absurdly, feels a little bit over optimistic.

This is a massive season for Mr Wenger - the goodwill of the fans having been severely eroded in the calamitous last few months of last season. Changes need to be made and, after ArsenĂ©’s promise of a ‘very active’ summer, we’ve had a quiet transfer window thus far. Indeed, much of the focus has been on those who may or may not depart the club rather than on exciting new signings.

While the Cesc Fabregas saga continues and Samir Nasri presses for a big money move, we’re also struggling to move on the ‘dead-wood’ and bring in some quality where it’s needed most. However, there’s still two weeks until the start of the season and I’m trying to stay positive.

If, in addition to the lively looking Gervinho and promising Carl Jenkinson, a quality, experienced centre back arrives along with a creative, goalscoring midfielder to replace either Cesc or Nasri (one of which will surely leave), I think we can be happy with our work this summer. Don’t forget, there is still the nucleus of an excellent, young squad at this club and with the right signings (whenever they may arrive) and some tightening up on the training ground (especially around defending set-pieces), we can still make an impact this year.

I’m not convinced we’ll be winning the league but, as the big four becomes a big (spending) six or seven, we will do very well to stay in touch and finish in a Champions League place for a 15th successive season.

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